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Hey there! We're Wood for Good, a social enterprise that's all about creating firewood products that are good for both people & planet

We believe in the power of business to make a positive impact, and that's exactly what we're doing by working with local communities to provide indigenous training and career opportunities and sustainably source the finest materials. Our firewood is made from repurposed wood that would otherwise go to waste, making our products not only top-notch, but also environmentally responsible.


And, here's the best part: all of our profits go towards supporting charitable causes that align with our mission, so far we have donated 100% of the profits since the beginning! Our goal is to keep this up.

We're proud to be accredited as a B Corp, which means we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. So, whether you're in need of some responsibly sourced firewood for your home or you'd just like to support a company that's doing things differently, come join us on this journey towards a better tomorrow!

Wood for good Bcorp

Wood for Good is proud to be
B Corp certified

As a social enterprise, we’ve always been focused on balancing profit with purpose, but now we are part of a global movement of businesses committed to using business as a force for good. B Corps are certified by not-for-profit B Lab to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

​Giving back to the community and protecting the environment has always been at the heart of what we do. We’re thrilled to have our passion for positive impact recognised by B Lab’s rigorous standards.

​Thanks to all of our Wood for Good customers for their support on this journey. This is just the start, and we have bold plans to continue to increase our impact for people and the planet, backed by our mission of ‘Spreading the warmth’.

​You can read more about our B Corp journey here.

Or check us out on the B Corporation directoryⓇ to discover more about us and other companies practicing better business for a better world.

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