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We know that often people have some questions about Wood for Good and the products we offer, so we thought we'd round up a few of the most common ones to save you some time.  If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch via our contact page.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What type of firewood is it?

Wood for Good sells a Premium Mix Hardwood. Our optimum hardwoods ie. Sugar Gum, Red Gum and Ironbark are dried and seasoned. We believe that this provides the hottest output, low sparks, great coals and good ignition. Giving you a clean and sustainable fire.

02. How much is it?

         Please refer to our 'products' page for our current prices

03. How well does it burn?

We believe that our wood is an optimum mix to provide you with a hot clean sustainable burning fire.


04. Where is it from?

All our wood is from sustainable sources, mostly it is recovered wood from trees that had to be removed or partially cut down. Wood for good gives this wood (which would have otherwise gone to waste) another chance to contribute to both people and the planet.

05. Why was the tree cut down?

The tree/s were cut down either under Government authorisation or other stakeholders authority. Often the tree has been removed as it has become a safety hazard to people.

06. Are there fines or dirt in it?

For those that don't know, 'Fines' are little bits of wood that splinter off the timber, And no our wood doesn't have it! These fines and dirt have been filtered out of our firewood using our trummeling machine this is unique to our timber. This process provides you with the cleanest possible wood.

07. Is it dry?

Yes. Wood For Good always tests the moisture content to ensure it meets the FAA standards, below 20% moisture content.

08. What is a tonne/metre comparison?

A tonne is 1.8 cubic metres of wood.

09. How long should a tonne of firewood last me?

Often 4 weeks, depending on usage.

10. Will it fit in my fireplace?

Our wood has been cut to fit into most fireplaces/boxes. The length is approx. 300mm and the width range from approximately 70-150mm. 

11. Can I pick it up from your Woodyard?

Yes - but please call first to book a time-slot for pickup.  Phone1300 888 007

12. What are your delivery days?

Monday - Friday (8:30am-3:30pm). Please call first to book a time-slot for pickup.  Phone1300 888 007

13. What are the payment terms?

Credit card over the phone before delivery or Cash/EFTPOS on delivery.

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